New Album SOCIAL CLUBS Available October 2012 via ITunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby.
Also Available through SOUND OF MELBORNE RECORDS:
Single "In a Knot" Available via ITunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby.
Album "The Sun Rolled Off The Hills" Available via ITunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby.
Single "Deadbeat" Available via ITunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby.
Single "The Dogs" Available via ITunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby.
EP "Shakin Like a Leaf" Available via ITunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby.

CD Baby:

Debut 5 track EP to be release December 2012
Featuring "Alongside", "Sunshine Song", "Shack Up",
Trepedation Crept In" & "Sweet Billy James"


Debut 5 track EP "Dreaming" to be released December 2012


Debut 5 Track EP to be released January 2013 with the help of ARTS VICTORIA

2011 SAMPLER Press Notes:

is a singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.
We heard a track she posted to triple j Unearthed and contacted her to see if she
would like to be on the album.
Sinead had never been in a studio or played a live gig before we contacted her, she recorded this track "chain the heart" at Sound Works Studio, East Brunswick and is now playing live in and around Melbourne. Sinead will record her debut album for release in March 2012

The Bridges are sisters Grace and Thea, aged 16 and 14. Like Sinead we contacted Grace after hearing a track she submitted to Triple J unearthed and they recorded this track "Note to self", 1st take live and added additional harmonies. We hope to hear more great tunes from these sisters in the future, they are ones to watch in the future and we are proud to have released their 1st ever recording.

N/ght Y N/ght
Max had posted the 1st song he had ever written, Missing Heart, on to triple J unearthed and two days later I was emailing him to see if he wanted to be on the album. Max had never played a gig and had never been in a recording studio, so its capturing a moment in his musical career. It's a killer track, it gets in your head and you cant get it out, I love that but like most musicians, Max winces every time he hears the first song he wrote. We also recorded the 2nd song Bad Waters, another great tune, if these are the first songs Max has written I cant wait to hear his debut album, it will be fantastic, he is one to watch and I’m proud to have been the first label to have put him in a studio & released his work.

Tash Parker
We first heard Tash in a couple of years ago and instantly decided she had be track one. The only hard part was deciding which one of her tunes we would have. Her debut album is incredible, she is an amazing talent and a incredibly gifted and hardworking songwriter. When we contacted Tash to be on the album she was so helpful and we owe her a lot for her advice in helping set up our label and release this record. Not unprepared is track 2 on her debut album, please check out the rest of her tunes, we love them. Also a special mention must go to Kat for the wonderful artwork.

Autumn Gray
It was the artwork for their debut album pasted on walls, in between The corner hotel and the MCG, which attracted me to this band, I then searched the internet and found their myspace page and heard their tunes and they were one of the first bands I contacted to be on the album (it proves good graphics & fly postering pays off). This tune is from their last studio album, the video for this appeared on rage the same week I received the track and contract in the post, they were the only band who I let choose which track they wanted on the album. It is a long track but I had to have it on both the cd and vinyl formats, as I knew how chuffed they were to have their first vinyl record.

Brother Nature
When people talked about bands having “it”, I was never too sure what they meant but Brother Nature changed that for me, they have it and they have it in abundance. When I started the compilation, I never thought for a moment that I would have an electro band on the album but the more I listened to “Just add Water” the more it had to be on here. It's a grower. I love the voice, it has depth and bags of character, he is a front man, a proper front man. I cant wait to hear more from them and they are a bloody nice bunch of lads, check them out. Another big thanks to Triple J unearthed.

Dance Contest
This track is wonderful. This album is inspired by a compilation album I grew up with as a teenager, Pillows and Prayers (Cherry Red Records), it had some spoken word on it, a couple of alternative poets, it was my aim to have at least one track with spoken word, this ticked all the box’s. Musically it is solid, soaring and heavy, the voice and lyrics make you stop and listen hard to try and take it all in. I played this over and over again and kept checking my emails waiting for the ok from Adam to have this on the album. Its special, Enjoy. Cherry Red, I salute you.

This track is a hit, It should be on a major label and should be a hit, worldwide. The opening guitar line is as catchy as hell, the voice is great, the song is a whopper, a massive, massive hit. Why hadn't I heard of this band before. What is wrong with the world? Rant over. This song felt very 70’s to me when I first heard it, like I should have been 10 years old, singing along, riding my Raleigh chopper bike wearing Birmingham bags (flares with side pockets) and waiting for punk to happen. It's a classic tune, I love it. The artwork is by Not Child Friendly who obviously also got the 70’s vibes. Sing along.

The Ocean Party
Ok here is a big statement.... right now, for me, The Ocean Party are the best band in Melbourne. They are on fire. I’m listening to their new single, “The Dogs”, Its magnificent guitar band indie, in its prime. The 1st aussie band I saw live were The Go-Betweens, supporting Orange Juice at the at Liverpool Royal Court, UK, early eighties. The Ocean Party are this generation’s Go-Betweens, I mean that. Great lyrics on this track, strong and brave, a great story, told well with proper indie guitars. I love this band, they are getting better all the time. Please go and see them and buy there tunes, they deserve to be big, Major Labels please do the right thing.

Sunset Blush
These are my favorite lyrics on the album. Just listen to them, they will make you grin. Sunset Blush seems to play live every week somewhere in Melbourne, he is everywhere, I was told about Blush by Tash Parker. His Mexican tune is a firm favorite but this track, “Its Time to”, fitted in better with our album. He has a new album out, check the local music press in Melbourne, he will be playing somewhere.

Wiley Red Fox
Wiley Red Fox has a great sound, great songs and a great voice, we hope to record an album in 2012 with her, we hear whispers of a full band line up which is exciting, but if its more of just Clemmie and her songs we wont be disappointed. She is a real talent and a great find, please check her out live, we are looking forward to her new tunes and are proud to have her on Sound of Melbourne Records. Enjoy.

Reece Dillon & The Jelly Babies
Reece Dillon and the Jelly Babies are another example of a great hard working Indie Melbourne band, as I write this, I notice from there facebook page that they have a gig, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The bandit was my choice of there tunes, it has a great feel, I love a tune that has a bit of a whistle in it and this whistle is a cracker, its sticks and you’ll find yourself whistling it without you knowing. Catch them live, you will not be disappointed.

Gerard Daley and the Rag Dolls
This track nearly blew my speakers the first time I heard it, it reminded of “Reward” by the Teardrop Explodes, one of my all time favorite songs. When Gerard explained how he recorded the song (sent digitally to each member to record their parts) and that none of the members had ever played it together, in the same room, it astounded me, I had to listen to it again, I still cant believe it, it sound’s like a tight band playing live together. The lyrics are special too, this track mentions record shops, the previous song mentions scratched vinyl, its exactly what our label is about, I would hate to lose our independent record shops, it’s where I grew up and its were I found some life changing records.

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